10 living room decorating tips for a cozy atmosphere

To make your life easier, we have separated 10 room decoration tips that will help you in this mission.

1. Set the environment role

We know that anxiety beats to want to change everything at once when it comes to decorating the room : from the color chart used to the fabrics of the curtains and sofas. But, define first what the function of this environment will be.

Some questions can be asked in this process:

  • what will the space be used for?
  • how many people are expected to be accommodated in it, in addition to the residents of the house?
  • Is it necessary to integrate with the kitchen or other spaces?
  • will it be a living room, TV room, dining room , or all together and mixed?

It is possible to make accurate decisions after defining the answers to these and other questions. Furthermore, it can also help to avoid unnecessary expenditure of money .

2. Take measurements and maintain the circulation area

Circulation spaces should also be planned in order to know how to decorate the room. These are the ones that people move to get from one point to another.

So , measure the circulation area to avoid purchasing larger furniture that would hinder the passage. Although comfortable, a chaise longue built into a sofa can get in the way if the room is too small, for example.

In the project shown in the image, for example, there are no armchairs or coffee table to preserve circulation.

In the case of tables , they must be at least 80 cm away from the wall and chairs, which must be 50 cm apart. The measure favors greater comfort for people during meals.

But if this size is too big, when decorating a small room , leave 30 cm between the chairs.

3. Follow a room decor style

Are you out of ideas on how to decorate the living room or any other type of environment? Defining a style can help you find the right elements, but without leaving your taste aside.

For example, you can have a minimalist living room decor , with light colors, straight lines and few decorative objects.

Another alternative is to bet on a rustic room decoration , using a lot of wood and making the house a true refuge.

A modern living room decoration , mixing light and dark tones, can also attract people who want to update the environment.

4. Choose a color palette for living room decor

Now, once these initial steps have been defined, it is time to choose one of the main elements in decorating a room: the color palette .

Choose a range of tones that match the style you prefer. Such colors must be in furniture, coatings, fabrics and decorative objects .

Bright colors in living room decor

We are going to tell you a valuable secret for those who have a small space and want to expand it when decorating the room: bet on light colors!

And anyone who thinks that only white can be an option, get ready because the sky is the limit. You can invest in tones like sand, off-white and even light gray .

Does this mean that, when using light colors, it is not possible to also adopt strong tones ? On the contrary! It is possible to apply them in the details , giving a touch of versatility to the environment.

Want to renovate the space without spending too much? Change what’s in strong tones and everything will be fine!

In the project below, for example, the shades of blue were chosen to stand out among the light colors of the spacious environment. They appear on rugs, cushions, pictures, china and other elements that can be easily replaced.

Warm colors in living room decor

Earthy tones are a sure way to bring coziness to living room decor. After all, they refer to elements of nature , generating a feeling of welcome .

In the featured project, the wooden floor and panel bring these tones, perfectly matching the sofa. Including, the upholstery material is another way to get closer to nature and make the room decor inviting.

5. Bet on porcelain tiles for living room decor

The use of woody porcelain tiles is perfect for making the room’s decor even more welcoming and without leaving sustainability aside. That’s because today there are porcelain tiles that perfectly imitate various types of wood, including rare ones.

The applications are also varied. There are ideal planks for floors and options to create a slatted panel , as exemplified in the image.

There are also other types of porcelain tiles that make the decoration different, such as those that reproduce stones and concrete . They are found in different finishes, such as natural and polished , and can be applied to walls and floors .

In this sense, one way to create a personalized and stylish environment is by choosing a textured product for an entire wall or part of it. This is what happens in the project below, for example.

6. Invest in functional furniture

It is important to consider not only aesthetics, but also the use of furniture that will compose the decor for the room. Especially when the question is how to decorate a small living room or how to decorate a small apartment room .

For example, a decorative worktop that can serve as a table for quick meals, a side table that doubles as a bench and a wine cellar with support for objects.

Did you hit the doubt? So here is a list of furniture to decorate the living room :

  • rack, shelf and panel for television;
  • center table;
  • singing table;
  • armchairs;
  • sofa.

7. Take care with the lighting

Natural lighting makes the difference. After all, it generates well-being and provides energy savings.

However, there is no need to run away from artificial lighting . That’s because it works in a complementary way during the day and is essential at night.

In this way, the lighting in the decoration of the room can be done with:

  • polishes;
  • spots;
  • rails;
  • pendants;
  • washers,
  • lamps.

Warm lights are excellent for generating the feeling of welcome . Still, it is possible to merge with the cold lights , leaving the lamps yellowish for indirect lighting.

8. Include textile materials to generate warmth

The fabrics you choose play an important role in decorating the room. Anyone who wants to create a cozy atmosphere should bet on natural textiles , such as linen and cotton .

These versions allow the skin to breathe when in contact, as well as looking good.

Also keep an eye on pillows , blankets , rugs and curtains , as they are items made with fabric.

For the modern ones on duty, how about including a swing or baskets ? It goes beyond what creativity suggests.

9. Incorporate electronic equipment into the decor

Some electronic equipment is already part of the decoration of any room. Surely you must have thought of the television — which, in many projects, is the centerpiece of this environment.

It’s critical to think about the placement of items like this when planning the space, as such electronics are often large.

Another important tip: it’s interesting to find ways to hide wires and keep the appearance as discreet as possible. Thus, they do not interfere with the look.

For example, you can leave devices such as DVD and video games inside the rack . Only the television is on the wall, giving it a neat appearance.

10. Bet on decorative objects

Finally, the icing on the cake is to incorporate decorative objects into the room . They must follow the style you have chosen, despite their different functions.

The items can complement each other, forming a visual unit, as well as being highlighted in the decoration.

Among the most common objects in living room decoration are:

  • picture frames;
  • cushions;
  • sculptures;
  • pictures;
  • wallpaper;
  • plants;
  • things;
  • baskets;
  • lampshade;
  • vases;
  • books

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