7 coating tips for a small apartment

Are you in doubt about which apartment coating is ideal? Check out some tips that can help you in this difficult mission.
Although the size is reduced, compact properties can become very cozy and bright, even giving a sense of spaciousness. But for that, you need to make assertive and well-planned decisions. Integration tends to be one of the most sought after solutions and, to implement it, you need to get it right when choosing the coating for a small apartment.

The offer is huge, there are many pros and cons, and therefore it is normal to be in doubt when choosing the coating for an apartment. Therefore, to help you with this difficult task, we are going to give you some tips on which are the best floors. Read on!

How to get the coating right for a small apartment?

The main tip is to choose the same coating for the entire floor of the apartment, thus achieving a visual unity effect for all rooms. That is, it causes the sensation of amplitude.

Another important point to analyze is the size of the pieces. Give preference to large formats, since the larger blades have fewer joints, creating the idea of ​​continuity, also ensuring amplitude.

In addition, small apartments require light and neutral tones, due to the light they reflect, making the environment brighter and more pleasant . The correct choice of coating impacts the look of the environment, so check out some coatings to apply to your apartment below.

1. Granite: a durable finish

Highly recommended for kitchens and bathrooms. Although it has a high value, granite is a natural floor, synonymous with resistance and durability, which can compensate the price. It is very easy to clean, just pour water and clean with the product of your choice. There are several types, formats, designs and colors. It can also be used in the living room and bedroom.

2. Laminate flooring for a touch of elegance

You must have heard of the famous laminate flooring, right? It’s a good option for those who don’t want to give up an elegant coating with great aesthetics. However, the installation of this floor is a little more difficult and complicated, due to the different processes involved.

It looks good in social environments like living room and kitchen, but it is not indicated in the bathroom, as it does not adapt very well to water.

3. Wood laminate is practical

Unlike the previous coating, wood laminate is the best option for you looking to print coziness in the look of your home, offering comfort. The main benefit of this floor is the waterproofing treatment it receives during production.
Thus, the wooden laminate has a protective cover so that it does not absorb substances, being indicated for those who have children at home. It is worth mentioning that, among the options, it is one of the best value for money.

4. Blankets as covering for a small apartment

Made with materials such as glass wool, rock wool, PET wool and even recycled tire rubber, the blankets serve to cover the boards between apartments and prevent the passage of noise from footsteps such as dragging furniture, high heels, among others. .

As it avoids sound transmission between the slab, walls and pillars, it can be an excellent cladding option for those who do not want to receive complaints from neighbors.

5. Vinyl flooring is quick to apply

Vinyl flooring can be a good choice, especially when installing during an apartment renovation. It is quick to apply, provides acoustic comfort and has had great development in recent years.

By the way, it is possible to find on the market vinyl floors that imitate wood and even special floors for applications in spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms. Remembering that you should not place it in external areas.

6. Burnt cement is modern

Burnt cement is one of the main current trends, especially in projects where the environment has an industrial style. The most used is the gray tone, which gives a very clean look , but there are other colors on the market, such as red, brown, beige, blue and green. You can also use cement on the wall.
Don’t forget to apply resin to the fresh cement surface to increase strength. If you opt for this coating, create a very clean, rustic and modern decoration to match.

7. Porcelain does not go out of style

If you have a coating for small apartments that makes the difference, it’s porcelain. It is one of the few floors that can be used in every room and has good resistance to liquids and chemicals, having a good service life. It offers the amplitude effect and has many shapes, colors and patterns.

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