7 tips to decorate the garden with a water fountain

if you love your garden and enjoy the calm of the pleasant sound of moving water, come with us and take note of some tips that will help you, to make a beautiful and relaxing fountain to make your garden more beautiful. and further enhance your decor.

Set the location

Defining the location of your fountain is the first and most important step for it to be perfect as a decorative element in your home. For this, prefer a place where the ground is level and clean, so that the installation is as easy as possible. Once the fountain is installed, if you wish, you can use stones to convey the feeling of natural irregularities in the space.

If the installation is outside the house, make sure that the location has easy access to power outlets, which will be essential for the fountain to keep the water flowing. In a winter garden house (indoors), choose places that do not hinder traffic in the home and offer space for decorating with chairs. Remember that the main function of your water fountain is to contribute to the decoration of your home, so

Choose font template

There are numerous ready-made models of water fountains. Some specifically intended for outdoor use and others intended for indoor use. In general, in external areas, external fountains have smaller reservoirs that make it easier for the water to fall. For indoor environments, the idea is to use larger containers.

If you want to make your own fountain, you can opt for an earthenware jug, an earthenware gourd and a water pump. To do this, pierce a point at the lower end of the jar and place it inside the gourd. After that, install the water pump so that the flow does not overflow from the containers and finish decorating the space.

Remember to install a water fountain that is in perfect harmony with the rest of the decoration, using colors and sizes proportional to the elements of the environment.

Set the container

The choice of container is essential for your water fountain to stand out in the midst of your decor. For this, carefully research the existing options on the market and always count on the advice of a professional landscaper. Internally, in specific spaces for decorating gardens, you can find large-sized containers, which can be perfectly added to the existing decor.

Water storage

If you decide to install a fountain together with a space where the water will be stored, the first step is to define how the space will be used. In cases of use for baths, prefer the installation of swimming pools or places that provide enough space for people to cool off without taking risks. Another good possibility is the installation of aquariums in sets with the fountains. This option can be directed both to the internal area and to the backyard of the home.

Water flow

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As well as other decorative elements of your fountain, the water flow will be the great differential in giving a calmer decoration or not to the place where the fountain will be installed. For this, the choice of the water pump is fundamental.

Consult specialist houses and professional landscapers for the best options for the water flow to fit your decorating idea. Remember that for small fonts, there is no need for powerful pumps. Keep in mind that the larger and higher your water source, the more power the pump must have.

Garden shape

Defining the shape of your garden will be essential for your decoration to have the desired style. In open spaces, such as the backyard, place the plants positioned so that they are on the edge of the place with water. Indoors, a good option is the choice of vertical gardens accompanied by water spouts at a good height, which can be easily installed in any small place in the home.


For decoration, remember: the presence of plants is essential for the environment to be even more naturally valued. Also opt for stones of different sizes and colors and decorative elements that recall natural life, such as handicrafts in the form of animals.

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