Bed protector: know the types and find out what they are for

When starting to assemble the trousseau, it is common to think first about the sheets, bedspreads and blankets. However, one thing that sometimes goes unnoticed or that you can leave for later and end up missing in the long run is the bed protector .
This must-have product is available in a variety of designs, each specific to a part of your bed. So, if you are considering betting on one of them, but you are having doubts, continue reading and check out tips that will change your life as a housewife!

Reasons to have at least one bed protector in the trousseau

If you’ve just moved or if you’ve been living alone for a while, you know very well the value of each item that makes up the rooms in your home. After all, they are all investments that you want to last a long time, right? In the bedroom, the solution is to bet on at least one bed protector.

Among the most common types of bed protectors are mattress protectors and pillow protectors. No wonder, after all, they are fundamental to sleep quality and need to be well taken care of to continue ensuring comfort. However, they are not the only ones, as there are also other items in the trousseau that need care.

Before you get to know them, know that they have one thing in common: preserving and helping to increase the useful life of your articles, protecting them from external factors and contributing to their durability. So, find out more details about these bedtime essentials.

1. Mattress protector

Mattress protector

If you still don’t know what a mattress protector is , it’s time to get to know it. It is the most common model of bed protector that goes under the sheet with an elastic band, being an important layer to guarantee a preserved and hygienic mattress for a longer time.

In addition, this item will defend your mattress from the proliferation of microorganisms, such as mites and bacteria. It will also be a protective shield against possible stains and the effects of time, in addition to helping to avoid allergies.

Oh, if you have questions about how to protect a mattress from moisture , know that the piece directly helps with this, as it prevents sweat and other fluids from damaging the mattress. Still, it ensures more practicality, as you can only wash the protective cover.

Waterproof Mattress Protector

Did you hit that doubt about what waterproof mattress cover is for ? This is one of the most sought after models as it is a true friend when it comes to protecting the bed. Basically, it prevents liquids from damaging the mattress, whether by accident or due to body moisture.

2. Pillow protector

Pillow protector

This is another product that is among the basic essentials of the trousseau. So if you still don’t know what a pillow protector is , keep an eye on these tips. The piece is ideal for protecting and increasing the durability of your pillow, in addition to influencing the quality of your sleep.

The pillow is in direct contact with the skin of the face during the entire period of sleep, isn’t it? Therefore, it is essential that he is hygienic and has this protective cover against mites and bacteria. By the way, for allergic people, the use of this bed accessory is indispensable, as it helps to avoid them. Ah, it can also be found in the waterproof model.

Even if you don’t know how to use a pillow protector either , don’t worry because it’s very simple. There are practical examples with a zipper and also those with an envelope closure. It’s worth remembering that the pillowcase should always come on top.

3. Duvet cover


Now that you know what a mattress and pillow protector is, it’s time to understand how to protect your bedding. After all, they are also investments that deserve care. So learn more about the duvet cover or duvet, as it is also known.

The duvet cover is a perfect bed protector to preserve the duvet from dirt and prevent wear and tear, directly influencing the durability of the product. In addition, it also helps to vary the decor, as they can be printed or plain and add comfort to your nights sleep.

4. Quilt kit

Quilt kit

Perhaps you will be surprised, but the quilt kit can also be considered a bed protector. It makes it more cozy and contributes to the decoration of the environment. Still, the set helps protect the sheets from the accumulation of dirt or even hair, for those who have pets.

5. Bed skirt

Bed skirt

Another essential protector is the bed skirt . Although it does not only fulfill this function, the piece helps in the care of your box bed, keeping it cleaner. In addition, it protects the structure from scratches and moisture and is an important complement to a charming decor.

Just like the bed skirt, the headboard protector is an accessory that preserves while helping to decorate. So, if you want to join these two functions at once, try betting on these pieces

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