Check out 10 options for decorative plants for the living room

Considered the heart of the home, the living room is one of the environments for which we are most concerned with creating a cozy and comfortable decor. For this, you cannot miss the green corner, which gives even more joy and beauty to your home. But what are the best decorative plants for the living room ?

To help you choose the best species, we have separated ten options for decorative plants for the living room . So, continue reading and check out some inspirations to compose the room with style and beauty.

Adam’s Rib

The Adam’s rib deserves special mention among the decorative plants for the living room. Its leaves are large and form different designs. In addition, its beautiful shade of dark green ensures extra sophistication for any environment. With so many qualities, Adam’s rib fell in love with decorators.

Today, it’s easy to find your foil stamping pillows, rugs and other items. It is also a very resistant species, adapting to both direct and indirect light. Watering should happen two or three times a week, depending on the weather. The tip is always to observe if the earth is dry.

Fan palm

The fan palm is a species full of style, which certainly deserves to be among the decorative plants for living rooms or more spacious environments. As its name indicates, the leaves open up forming beautiful fans, which give an oriental touch to the environment. Despite being a native of Oceania, today it is easy to find it in many countries.

As it reaches a considerable size, it is indicated for more spacious places. Caring for the fan palm tree is another positive point. It adapts to both partial shade and full sun. Your watering should occur three times a week or whenever the soil is dry.


When it comes to decoration with plants in the living room, the yucca cannot be left out! With a different and elegant format, this species always attracts attention. This is because it has thick branches and rigid leaves, forming a beautiful plant sculpture.

It is a plant that originates from Central America and, therefore, needs a well-lit place, receiving at least a few hours of direct sun a day. It also prefers drier environments and therefore watering should be more sparse, occurring once every 15 days, depending on the season.


Are you looking for decorative plants for your living room ? Zamioculca is an elegant and resistant species that combines with different spaces! It has thin branches with thick dark green leaves. It is considered a very strong species, being one of the most chosen for internal environments, such as living rooms and offices.

In addition, it adapts to both smaller vases and more showy places. Caring for zamioculca is not at all difficult. Just choose the place where it will look most elegant and don’t forget to water it every 15 days. The tip is not to overdo it with water, as excessive hydration can weaken the roots.


If you are looking for sophisticated decorative plants for a small room , the elegant camedorea is the ideal species. This is because the plant has thin and delicate branches, with charming leaves in a light green tone.

In addition, it adapts perfectly to indoor environments such as living rooms or offices. Very resistant, it only needs diffused light or partial shade. Thus, the elegant camedorea is perfect in places close to windows and balconies. Your watering should occur frequently, two or three times a week, depending on the season.


Also called Indian corner, pleomele is a great option to decorate your living room with a plant. It gives a very special look to the environment with its light green and white foliage.

In addition to giving a special touch, this is also one of the easy-to-care decorative living room plants. It requires just enough water to keep its soil moist (approximately two waterings per week) and tolerates low light well.


Anthurium is one of the classics when it comes to decorating a room with plants . This flower with its incredible hue and shiny leaves adds a touch of joy wherever you are. One tip is to leave it next to foliage of other colors to give a very special contrast to the corner.

Its care is very simple, since it is a species that does very well indoors. She needs to be allocated in a low – but constant – luminosity environment to always stay beautiful and healthy.

Peace lily

This flower is another great option for those looking for decorative plants for the living room. Like anthurium, peace lily requires little care: the main point of attention is its soil, which must remain moist, but never soaked.

She looks amazing in all environments, especially common ones, like the living room. With the peace lily, you will have a very stylish and pleasant room, especially in its flowering season.

Areca palm

The areca palm is a very easy to care for option. In addition to looking beautiful in the decoration of the room, it is perfect for low-light environments. So, if you don’t have enough time to take care of your little plants, this species will remain beautiful for a long time and without the need for specific care!


The fern is one of those decorative living room plants that never go out of style. This is because this species has a very special charm, with its bulky pending leaves.

In addition, it is very resistant and adapts to different environments. The plant prefers environments with diffused light, but it also adapts to places with direct sun. The important thing is to keep the soil always moist, simulating the typical tropical environment of ferns.

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