By optimizing these spaces with design and simplicity, it is possible to make the environment more practical and functional. Some solutions are sliding doors, folding tables or lighter colors.

With that in mind, we’ve prepared some tips that will make your apartment the way you’ve always dreamed of, without making it feel cramped or lacking space. Check out!

Planned or functional furniture is ideal for small spaces

Smaller apartments need to have their spaces very well used. And joinery emerges as a great ally to take advantage of every corner, in the most efficient way possible. Planned furniture can fit perfectly into the available space, adapting the size of each piece to the environment.

Multipurpose furniture also makes this list. Sofa beds, for example, are practical and very useful. Regarding the table, two options can enter your project: you can opt for one of four chairs or even a folding table or a counter.


Do you want to have the feeling of a wide open and airy environment? Lighting plays exactly this role in expanding environments. The more light the better. If the room has natural light, the trick is to make the most of it.

Now with artificial lighting, you need to pay attention to the temperature of the lamps. And, even with plenty of light, it is essential to have indirect lighting, with yellowish lights, which provide greater relaxation. In small environments, you can abuse light and neutral colors in the decoration, as they help to reflect light and give amplitude.

Attention to tones

Speaking of colors, using lighter tones — whether in furniture, decorative objects or painting the walls — helps to bring a sense of spaciousness to the space. But even so, you don’t have to completely give up the color or darker tones, as long as they are used in the details.

These more varied shades, in addition to the light colors, help to create an interesting contrast in the environment. A good option is to bet on colorful furniture that brings a certain personality to the decoration.

Sliding doors

Sliding doors facilitate the integration of environments and improve circulation in smaller rooms. With a differentiated opening, most of the times sliding, they take up little space. But, it is necessary to understand that these styles require some care, for example, in the maintenance and cleaning of the rails.

And the convenience doesn’t stop there. These door models can be found in all types of materials, from solid wood, glass, aluminum in various colors, among others. The rails, on the other hand, must be chosen according to the material of the door, thus being indicated for their specific weight.

Game with the mirrors

Adding mirrors to your design brings a sense of spaciousness as the projection of space is doubled. They give more depth to the environment and can be present, for example, in the dining room.

The mirror can be on an entire wall or even a smaller model resting on the floor. The tip is to always place them in places that don’t have a lot of circulation and, of course, not to exaggerate.

Integration of spaces

Integrated areas promote functionality in small environments. In addition to improving natural lighting and ventilation, they help with circulation and space gain. Environments such as the kitchen, living room, dining room and balcony, for example, work well in an integrated way.

A precious tip for good integration is to use the same floor in all rooms, to create a sense of spaciousness and continuity. Furniture can be used to separate environments, whether they are empty or lower.