Colorful house: learn how to use colors to decorate with joy

When building a home, every detail matters, from the smallest to the grandest. Therefore, it is so essential to carefully choose the colors that will compose the environments. So how about betting on a colorful house 

Regardless of your favorite decoration style , you can add color to spaces in different ways. The important thing is not to overdo it, make harmonic combinations and use tones that reflect your personality. With that in mind, read on and learn how to have a more colorful home!

Why is having a colorful house good for you?

You must have already come across a situation where adding a touch of color made a difference in the result, whether it’s time to put together the look, or when setting the table, for example. This is due to the ability of tones to add joy and liveliness to things.

For this reason, a colorful house is the best option for those who want to create cozy and relaxed environments. By the way, this doesn’t just include strong colorations and it also doesn’t mean that they need to be overused. Just choose the ones that have everything to do with you and your home.

First of all, find out what each color conveys

Before you even get your hands dirty and start planning your colorful decor , know that each shade can convey something different to people. According to the Psychology of Colors, different and different effects are generated by each color, directly influencing emotions and feelings.

Therefore, before thinking about the aesthetic part of the colored house, it is necessary to select the shades of each environment, following what you want to awaken in it. Know the meaning of some colors:

  • blue: reflects tranquility, security and optimism. It’s great for the bedroom, if it’s brighter, because of the calming effect. Also looks good in offices;
  • green: is associated with freshness, nature and hope. In a darker version, it can give the feeling that the space is smaller. So be careful;
  • yellow: it makes any environment lighter, relaxed and cheerful, being a symbol of youth and creativity. Because it is very lively, it can be combined with other colors to balance the composition;
  • red: intense, this hue conveys passion, strength, power and heat.
  • pink: this is a color loved by many and not so much by others, but one thing is certain: when used in a location, the effect generated is one of softness, delicacy and a touch of romanticism. Versatile, it can be used in bedrooms and living rooms.

Tips for matching colors

matching colors
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Another important detail when it comes to decorating a colorful home is knowing how to combine colors to ensure a charming and balanced result. For this, there are some classic techniques.

You can create compositions of analogous tones, neighboring colors on the chromatic circle, or complementary ones, which are in opposite positions. Another tip is to observe the contrast of shades. If you have a gray sofa, you can bet on pink pillow covers to harmonize, for example.

In addition, one option is to combine colors with different materials, such as the colored wooden house , which combines both the power of the colors and the beauty of this coating.

Bet on colorful prints too

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To have a colorful home, you can go beyond monochrome compositions and explore the power of prints. Maxiflorals are an alternative that unites bright tones with natural beauty. Thus, they are the darlings when it comes to personality decor.

Also, consider prints with neon colors, which cause a vibrant effect on the decor and raise the mood of any environment. By the way, it can even be patterns in the boho chic style, such as ikat , for example.

How to make the house colorful in practice?

To add a touch of life to the space, the best way is to use colored walls . You can paint them completely, use the half-wall trend, or insert two different shades on each wall of the room. Let creativity speak louder!

Also, bet on colorfully painted doors to cause an interesting effect from the entrance. Don’t forget to create a contrast with the wall color to make everything look even more stylish.

Furniture is also essential in the colorful house. You can invest in a sideboard with drawers in different shades or even combine a wooden table with colorful chairs.

Colorful decoration has a turn in every room!


Did you know that it is possible to make your kitchen colorful ? To do this, invest in cabinets with non-basic colors. Also, how about enveloping some furniture with a color full of vivacity? For something less daring, use patterned treadmills.

The living room, the business card of the colorful house, can also be the stage for creative compositions. You can use colored curtains , patterned decorative pillows or rugs, for example.

Even the bedroom can gain a touch of color, but be careful not to weigh it down, as this is an environment that needs tranquility and calm for moments of rest. Bet on a colorful clock for your side table or a bedding kit with many shades and/or prints.

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