Decorated aquarium: tips to improve the environment

Tutors know that taking care of fish is not as simple a task as many believe. In fact, special precautions must be taken with the aquarium, offering the best conditions for the animal’s environment. In addition, keeping the aquarium decorated can make the place more elegant and provide comfort to swimmers.

Do you know how aquarium accessories help the well-being of fish? Swimmers need places to hide, nest and more! Even if it seems superficial, these little animals must feel like they are in the wild.

With that in mind, we prepared this exclusive content with information on how to properly decorate an aquarium , tips on how to keep the place clean and practices that should be avoided.

Tips for having a decorated aquarium without disturbing the fish

Before leaving the aquarium decorated, it is important to know that fish circulation is essential. In this case, do not decorate too much so as not to limit the passage and disturb the ecosystem of dear swimmers. Follow the tips below, making this container beautiful and comfortable!

Choose a theme

When thinking about a decorated aquarium, how about choosing a specific theme that is just like you? You can make the environment happy and relaxed with accessories that match your fish.

Bet on the variety of colors

A very prominent feature in aquariums is the colors. Not just the colors of the aquarium decoration , but the shades of the fish! The more varied and vivid, the better!

Therefore, when thinking about leaving the aquarium decorated, it is important to give preference to the most sociable species, since you will be mixing different types of fish.

Use plants that stand out

Artificial aquarium plants are some of the most desired and important items for the container. When they sway, they bring a sense of calm. In addition, swimmer friends love to hide among them, especially the shy ones.

Choose tall plants, with leaves ideal for the size of the container. In addition, betting on artificial alternatives is a great option to keep the aquarium decorated , as it facilitates maintenance.

Prefer plants and rocks as decoration

These delicate and beautiful items, which reference marine life naturally, accentuating habitat features, are ideal. Pay attention to the correct use of these types of aquarium decoration , considering the size of your pet’s home and the arrangement of objects.

Decorating an aquarium with stones is not only essential, it makes all the difference in the appearance of the animals’ ecosystem. That’s because the pebbles give a magical and fun look to the space.

Practices to avoid with the aquarium

There are things that cannot be done with the aquarium at all. Little fish are very fragile and need the utmost care. Therefore, in addition to not leaving small spaces with exaggerated decorations, here are five more tips on what not to do with the container.

Acquiring fish without previously informing about them

This is one of the biggest mistakes beginner aquarists make. Always inform yourself before buying the pets. For example, having a decorated aquarium full of betta fish is not a good idea, as they compete for territory.

Save on aquarium care equipment

As stated earlier, fish are very fragile beings. Therefore, do not skimp on the necessary equipment for the well-being and health of pets. Keep in mind that aquariums are expensive, as is container care. In addition to the basic items, swimmers sometimes need a few extra items.

Neglecting water treatment

Just as we filter drinking water, we need to make it ideal for fish to live well. It’s ideal that she doesn’t have chlorine or metals, as they harm the health of pets.

Discarding feed for fish

This is a common oversight in aquariums. Many aquarists throw the food into the container carelessly, hoping the fish will eat it all. However, swimmers consume only the amount they want, leaving the rest. These leftovers are accumulated at the bottom of the reservoir, and the filter does not remove all the excess. So be very careful!

Not performing aquarium maintenance

If your aquarium has been set up correctly, you only need to carry out periodic maintenance. Clean as needed, take care of the filter, ensuring it works properly, and change the water whenever ideal.

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