Decorative pillows: tips on how to use and get the composition right

Anyone who thinks that renovating the decor takes a lot is wrong. In fact, details make all the difference when it comes to style, and a great example is decorative pillows .

The pieces allow different combinations, bringing more beauty and warmth to the environments. Contrary to popular belief, decorating with pillows goes far beyond the sofa. It is possible to use pillows in the decoration of the bedroom, the external area and even the home office!

Just a couple or trio of pillows already makes quite a difference in the composition of spaces. The secret is to make elegant combinations and place the pieces in strategic places. In this article you will find a series of tips and ideas on how to use decorative pillows to transform spaces with a lot of sophistication and warmth. Check out!

The advantages of decorative pillows

There is no shortage of advantages to invest in cushions when decorating. The pieces are practical, stylish, versatile and very comfortable. As there are several models available in the market, they match different styles. Whether minimalist or more extravagant, the items complete the decor in the best way.

We cannot forget about comfort, one of the main characteristics of this decorative item. Sofa cushions , for example, make any movie or conversation with friends more cozy.

When it’s time to rest, the experience is also transformed with some pillows scattered around the bed, especially the large pillows with very comfortable padding. Another advantage is that this is an accessory that quickly changes the atmosphere of spaces.

The colors and prints of the cushions bring more joy and elegance to the home environments. In addition, just change the cover of the pillows to transform the decoration in a few minutes.

The different types of pillows

You may have already realized that there are different types of pillows in decoration. There are printed, plain, textured decorative pillows and many other options, which shows how versatile this item is.

Patterned pillows

Printed pillows can be geometric, floral, striped, with arabesques or other types of designs. They combine perfectly with more neutral environments, as they bring more color to the decor. One tip is to combine patterned pillows with plain pillows to create an elegant composition.

Flat pillows

Plain throw pillows are a classic and work well with different types of decor. They can have more vibrant or neutral colors, it will all depend on your taste and intention when decorating. It’s worth creating a palette and combining different colors or varying in tones of the same color.

pillows with textures

Textures can also be considered a decorative element, as they add an extra charm to spaces. Using decorative pillows is a great way to exploit this feature. The secret is in the choice of material. There are pieces in leather, velvet, crochet and other materials that make everything more interesting and cozy.

How to combine pillows with colors and prints?

Before choosing cushions for the living room , for the bedroom or any other space, it is interesting to understand how to combine colors and prints. This will allow you to explore more decorating possibilities and leave the environment with your face.

As we commented above, choosing a color palette is a way to ensure visual harmony. For this, consider the tones that already appear in the decoration of the space where you want to use the pillows.

If you have a wall painted dark blue in your bedroom, for example, you can look for plain pillows in shades that match that color or pillows patterned with blue elements. Thus, it is easier to assemble an elegant environment.

Another interesting point is to mix some prints, especially if the room is more sober and without many decorative elements. A polka-dot print can go well with a striped throw pillow. It is also worth mixing prints with plainer pieces, always considering the color palette initially defined.

Living room pillows

The living room is one of the main rooms in the house, as it is where we receive visitors, socialize with the family and relax after a busy day. Therefore, it makes all the difference to use decorative pillows in this room, as the items will make these moments even more cozy.

Pillows are usually arranged on the sofa to make it even more comfortable. When choosing items, remember to consider the size of the sofa backrest so as not to lose the harmony of the decor.

Decorative pillows for bedroom

Comfort is the keyword when we think of bedroom decor. Therefore, pillows can and should be part of the environment. Depending on the size of your bed, you can add anywhere from three to five pillows there. If you prefer, you can opt for larger models to make everything even more cozy.

An important point is to consider the colors of the bedding to ensure an elegant decoration. Choose decorative pillows for the bedroom in the same palette used on the bed. If your room is more sober, then take advantage of the decorative item to bring color to the environment.

In addition to the living room and bedroom, cushions can compose the decoration of various environments in the house. In the home office, they guarantee the necessary comfort for breaks during one task and another. Already in the external area, the decorative pillows bring more color and beauty to the space.

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