Discover 6 Tips on how to whiten indoor environments

After a long search, it looks like you’ve found the property of your dreams, except for one problem: the natural lighting is precarious. Unfortunately, aspects such as the geographic location of the property and the architecture of the place itself can cause this problem. That’s where the question arises: how to whiten indoors? Is it possible to just change the decor?

Yes! With a few simple tricks you can lighten indoor environments and make the property brighter without renovations or major works. After all, no one who has just moved wants to have  a headache  with it, right? In this post, we have listed 6 sure-fire tips to brighten your house or apartment and, in addition, make the property look bigger and more relaxing. Check out!

1. Make a minimalist decoration

If you are not yet familiar with this style of decor, know that minimalism is the ideal option for those looking to lighten environments and, at the same time, favor feelings of spaciousness and lightness in the place. A lot of people think that minimalist decor is too simple and therefore boring. But, in reality, the proper application of this type of decor has the opposite effect, making environments much more sophisticated.

In the end, “simple” does not mean “simplistic”. The idea of ​​keeping only those essential items in the property aims to prioritize the quality and functionality of the decoration pieces, that is, there will be nothing in excess that can  overload the space  and even tire the residents’ eyesight.

All this, of course, contributes to a cleaner and brighter atmosphere, as there will always be points of rest in the eyes.

2. Use mirrors strategically

It’s no secret that mirrors have enormous potential to transform small environments into sensorially larger places. In this case, amplitude and clarity go hand in hand, since the visual effect of the mirrored room favors the lighting of the environment, also making it more relaxing and inviting. If your intention is to enhance the amplitude, prefer to install your mirror throughout the entire length of the room – from floor to ceiling.

If the intention is exclusively to solve the problem of how to lighten indoor environments, the tip is to install a horizontal mirror on a strategic wall. In that case, think about what the piece will reflect: it could be the landscape from the window, the  balcony of your living room  or even the opposite wall with your favorite paintings. The effect is beautiful! Just be careful not to reflect off another mirror surface, which would cause glare.

3. Prefer clear floors and coatings

Those who are choosing an apartment need to be very attentive to this issue. People often buy or rent a property without worrying about the condition of the floors and the aesthetics of the finish. After all, a little makeover does the trick, right?

However, no matter how small, every reform brings a headache. So, if the idea is not to stress about the  new house , choose a place with floors and coatings that please.

To keep the environment well lit and favor sensations of amplitude, prefer neutral tones. Should you use dark floors? No! If you want to get away from whites and nudes, a good solution is to bet on shades of gray — the lighter and more homogeneous, the better!

If you opted for white, here’s a tip to break a possible chromatic monotony: add specific colors to furniture and decor objects.

4. Invest in a good lighting project

Since we’re talking about how to lighten indoor environments, let’s go to the most practical way to do this: composing a good lighting project. If the entrance of natural light is precarious, you must choose lamps and luminaires capable of filling this gap even during the morning or afternoon. In this sense, no fluorescent lamps that emit heat and tire the eyes. Always prefer LEDs — even to save energy.

To create that more intimate atmosphere at dusk, invest in lamps with strategically positioned yellow lights. The beams can reflect off a piece of decor, a flower arrangement or a  large picture , for example. This enhances the decor and makes the environment more welcoming, making your home a true invitation to relax after an intense day at work.

5. Prioritize open concept architecture

As with the tip about light floors, when you are choosing your property, prioritize those with an open concept, especially if the location is not favored by the entrance of natural light.

This type of architecture with integrated environments allows light — natural or artificial — to be diffused more evenly, maintaining a clean and cozy atmosphere both during the day and at night.

Open concept architecture is also a classic alternative for  very small apartments , such as flats and studios. Thus, it is possible to make good use of the footage without furniture and other objects overloading the decor. If you don’t give up on well-divided rooms, an alternative is to make half-walls or closures in transparent glass. This favors the clarity, lightness and amplitude of the place.

6. Keep only the essentials at home

This tip has to do with what we talked about minimalism, but let’s direct it to furniture. Especially because one of the most common mistakes in  decorating environments  is overloading spaces with large and sometimes unnecessary furniture. In addition to disrupting circulation and stealing some precious square meters from your apartment, large furniture hinders the uniform diffusion of light, darkening the environments.

Now that you know how to lighten indoor environments, it’s easier to search for the ideal property. Keep in mind that this does not have to be an exclusion criterion. If you’ve found a property that matches your expectations, it’s entirely possible to get around the problem of lack of clarity with these strategic tips. Is this your case? So it’s time to put them into practice!

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