Everything you need to know to have a wine cellar at home

For fans of a good wine, having this type of drink always at hand is a practical way to enjoy it. Therefore, for many oenophiles, having a wine cellar at home is also the perfect alternative for storing them with quality and efficiency.

However, when building a mini cellar at home , it is necessary to think about some important factors, such as the layout of that chosen space, the organization and also the ideal temperature of this very specific environment.

If you want to know everything about how to have a wine cellar at home to have a delicious tasting experience at your home table with friends and family, know that you have come to the right place. Check out this guide we prepared for you and fall in love with this idea!

What is a wine cellar?

If you’re wondering what a cellar is , know that this is a word used to refer to places where drinks are stored in restaurants, specialty stores and also underground cellars in wineries around the world.

In a literal definition, it means “a ground floor or underground place where wines and oils are kept”. For this reason, the term “home cellar” refers to that specific storage location within your home. It could be in a room, in the basement, or in something custom built for this project.

The first steps to having a wine cellar at home

If you are thinking about how to make a wine cellar at home , first pay attention to some details before putting your idea into practice. The first is choosing a dark place with the coolest temperature possible.

Ideally, your wines need to be stored between 10°C and 16°C, so the position of this environment is necessary so that the quality of your drink is not altered. If necessary, invest in specific air conditioners to maintain the perfect temperature.

Another very important point that should also be taken into account before thinking about the decoration is the total attention to the brightness of the place. Make sure the wine bottles do not receive direct lighting during the day or any type of artificial light.

Last but not least, be very careful about the moisture in the walls of the location you have selected. This is important when choosing wine cellar furniture because the most humid places can damage your corks. This, unfortunately, can even change the conservation conditions of your wines.

How to have a wine cellar in an apartment

If you don’t have a dark enough place to set up your wine cellar at home, don’t worry. In that case, one of the best options is investing in a wine cabinet.

Complete, practical and very versatile, it is available in the market in different shapes, sizes and values. Currently, you can find many of these pieces of good quality furniture, capable of even regulating the temperature of the products.

This is an excellent option for you, who are thinking about how to set up a wine cellar at home without having much space, or in the apartment, discreetly and assertively. After all, these specific cabinets also regulate humidity, attenuate possible vibrations in the environment and protect your bottles from direct light.

Learn how to decorate a cellar at home

Once you’ve chosen the perfect place, it’s time to think about the cellar decor . Here, you can choose to invest in storage racks. Choose the best one considering your speed of consumption and your volume of bottles.

The best feature of this type of furniture is that it can be rearranged whenever necessary. Remember that a democratic cellar that caters to all tastes must be composed of 20% champagnes, 30% white wines and 50% red wines.

When planning how to decorate a cellar , you can also work with a specific customization of these cabinets, daring in terms of colors and shapes. Another way to upgrade the decor is by investing in indirect light fixtures, walls with some kind of texture, such as exposed brick, and a color palette in earthy tones to enhance the environment  .

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