Garden with flowers: discover 8 options to decorate your green space!

By aroma or beauty, flowers enchant. Having them around, beautifying your home and your backyard, is a beautiful addition to the decor. One idea is to make a flower garden and put your gardening skills to the test.

There are several types of garden flowers to choose from, so variety is not an issue! Among different colors, sizes and formats, just plan and put your hand in the ground to start your garden with flowers.

Plants have their own characteristics that need to be respected! This means from the type of soil they need to the amount of sun they can take per day. For your flower garden to work, planning is essential.

We teaches you how to make a flower garden ! Below are eight species and characteristics to find the ones you want in your backyard.

1. Amaryllis

amaryllis là hoa gì,

Amaryllis is a flower that stands out in any garden. After all, the stem exceeds 50 cm in height, and the petals have striking colors. You find it in red, pink or white tones.

Just like the sunflower, the amaryllis loves full sun, so it should be exposed for at least six hours a day. In addition, the soil must be fertile and with good drainage capacity so that water does not get trapped in the roots.

2. Gladioli

What do you think about having gladioli in your flower garden? This little plant is delicate, but full of life, enchanting with colors and beauty. Also known as palm-of-santa-rita, it can be found in yellow, orange, purple, purple, and red, in addition to a mixture of colors.

If you’re looking for sun-resistant garden flowers , this is the right choice, after all, it loves full sun. Also, because of this, when watering, remember to always keep the soil moist and with good drainage.

3. Hydrangea

It is impossible not to mention the hydrangea when talking about flowers for the garden ! With a unique beauty. She enchants many Brazilians, so it’s easy to find her in several flower gardens. It also blooms often, almost all year round.

It is not a very demanding plant. All you need to have it in your flower garden is well-fertilized soil rich in organic matter. A little partial shade is also good, but if you have full sun, everything is fine.

4. mini rose

Love roses but don’t have enough space? It is possible to have mini roses! Resistant and easy to care for, they will delight your garden with flowers.

All you need is fertile, well-draining soil. Keep the flowers in semi-shade, but let them have at least four hours of sun every day.

5. Carnation

The carnation is a very interesting option if you are looking for colorful flowers for the garden . With a wild appearance, due to the “pointed” petals, it stands out among other plants when grown in groups.

It blooms all year round, but it is more common to see it in full bloom during the spring. It’s important to keep the soil fertile, in addition to always leaving it in half shade, after all, it can’t stand full sun.

6. Tagete

Have you ever heard of a flower that beautifies and protects your garden? This is the tagete! When properly cared for, it helps repel most common pests.

To have it in your garden with flowers, you need to guarantee fertile and well-drained soil, half shade or full sun, watering when the surface is dry and covering around the beds. Flowering can happen all year round.

7. Evergreen

Even if it is an annual plant, the evergreen is a rare beauty, well worth planting in your garden. The flower can be used in various indoor arrangements.

To do this, it is necessary to guarantee fertile soil with good drainage, partial shade or at least four hours of sun daily and irrigation whenever the surface is dry.

8. snapdragon

Found in different colors, the snapdragon is a great option for anyone who would like to make a garden with colorful flowers. How it grows in small bouquets, seen from afar, is a spectacle in itself.

Like amaryllis and sunflower , snapdragon is a full-sun flower, so don’t be afraid to let it enjoy the sunlight for a while. Just make sure it always has water, checking whether the soil is dry or not.

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