Genderless decoration is an option for those looking for a neutral style

Eschewing the traditional pink and blue, genderless decoration is an innovative option for the children’s room. Check out the tips!

Genderless or genderless decoration is on the agenda and has been proposing a neutral style, without direct links with the concept of feminine or masculine. Increasingly, dads and moms have been looking for a style that doesn’t make reference to gender, adopting characteristics that can be applied to both.

The choice of this type of look can have several reasons, whether it is a room that will be shared between siblings, parents who do not want to know the baby’s gender until the day of delivery, people who want the cleanest decoration until the child expresses their preferences or even because they prefer to escape gender patterns, such as pink and blue.

No matter the reason, the fact is that genderless decor doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, the style favors the freedom to play with colors and give a unique personality to the environment. To find out how to set up a genderless bedroom , read on!

What is genderless decoration?

The purpose of genderless or genderless decoration goes far beyond the look for rooms shared by children of different genders. It is a concept applied even to rooms aimed only at girls or boys.

In this way, genderless decoration consists of an environment made for everyone, questioning already established standards about how a girl’s or boy’s room should look like.

This style invites parents to set aside decor linked to their child’s gender. The same space and the same objects can serve boys and girls equally, without seeking to strengthen any particular feature. The main focus is to encourage healthy development and creativity.

What colors to use in the genderless bedroom?

Mid century furniture in genderless white bedroom for kid

There are no color rules for a genderless room , all are welcome. The important thing is to know how to explore the shades to create a cozy atmosphere . You can choose a main color and complement it with others, opt for just two colors or bet on multicolor. Just be careful not to leave the space with too much information.

The main tip is not to carry only one tone, choose at least two and mix them. The traditional pink and blue do not have to be completely excluded, it is enough to put them in some details and mix with other tones that are harmonic.

A good alternative is to adopt warm colors in pastel tones, in order to avoid visual pollution and provide the delicacy that the environment needs to have. The most used colors for genderless decoration are:

  • yellow: a cheerful and happy color. Yellow carries this aura of optimism and positivity and can be easily combined with many shades, including gray;
  • green: refers to nature, joy and tranquility. Green has several tones that can compose the look of a genderless decoration;
  • brown and beige: earthy colors are perfect for creating a cozy bedroom and can combine with any other shade you want, as they are almost as neutral as white;
  • white: timeless and easy to match, you can’t go wrong with choosing white. In addition to bringing peace, it conveys lightness and contributes to the feeling of expanding the environment, which can be useful to calm the child in the growth process.
  • gray: color that brings a certain sobriety, balance and sophistication to the environment when used in decoration. The gray bedroom brings a feeling of warmth and modernity;

Which theme to choose?

In genderless decoration, the idea of ​​princesses for girls and superheroes for boys is abandoned, as they are traditionally themes that are tied to gender issues and do not allow more fluidity or neutrality.

Therefore, if you want to choose a theme to apply in the children’s room, the best thing is to play with more neutral themes, such as animals, planets, the bottom of the sea, musical notes, among others, since these options do not have rooted associations with sex. of child.

Genderless bedroom furniture and accessories

Decor doesn’t just depend on colors, right? Furniture is also a fundamental element to compose the environment. In a baby room, for example, cribs are an important part and, if you want to apply the genderless style, the ideal is to choose pieces that do not have stereotypical colors.

How about opting for cribs in wood tones or even white to follow the idea of ​​genderless? Regarding dressers and cabinets, you can purchase models that harmonize with the chosen decoration and that do not have handles that refer to the child’s gender.

The pillows are the accessories that bring life to the room. Invest in its fun formats, such as cacti, dinosaurs, moon, clouds and dogs, for example. If you want to bring more joy to the place, bet on pieces with colorful prints.

Don’t forget that frames are also essential to bring personality. So, instead of dolls, flowers or cars, add images of animals, balloons, geometric shapes or elements of nature to finish it off.

Benefits of the genderless bedroom

Generally, traditional rooms with soft and characteristic colors do not have a very long useful life, as the child grows and needs other stimuli for development. In the genderless room, in addition to being original and stimulating creativity, the main benefit is that the child can enjoy it for longer. So, over the years, during childhood, it is possible to enjoy the same environment without having to completely redo it.

In addition, if you have plans to have more children, the space will already be ready from the birth of the firstborn, avoiding spending on new resources and items to adapt the room to the new family member.

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