Get to know natural decor and get inspired by this new trend

An appreciation of nature. This is how we can define the inspiring natural decoration trend that brings green and more rustic elements to the interior of houses and apartments.

From dry leaves to textures of wood, rocks and other raw materials, the natural style decoration unfolds in a clean and, at the same time, very beautiful design. Because it has this neutral aspect, it combines very well with all types of environment and rooms.

If you want to learn a little about this one, among the different styles of decoration , you’ve come to the right place. Also discover ways to bring this democratic and timeless trend to the details of all environments in your home. You will fall in love!

The use of wood in natural decoration

One of the main elements of natural decoration for living room or bedroom is wood. It is among the favorites because, in addition to making environments much more pleasant, it also has unique thermal comfort.

Another trick to invest in this texture in an elegant way is to opt for coatings with this print, such as floors, wallpapers and others. By mixing the lighter tones with the darker ones, you will have a very natural tone and a refined decoration .

If you want to renovate the rooms with natural decor, you can also start with wooden furniture . They are beautiful, charming and durable, in addition to printing the necessary personality for this decorative style.

Plants, lots of plants!

One of the main tips for natural decoration concerns the investment in plants within the environment. In addition to wood, foliage, flowers and live branches will add life to the space in a unique way.

Take this opportunity to explore the benefits of having an indoor garden with maidenhair maidenhair, bromeliads and peace lilies. They can offer more calm and life to the environment, as well as being a therapeutic way to balance everyday stress.

Shells, stones and driftwood are also welcome to take your indoor garden decor to a new level. Here, you can also opt for a do-it-yourself decoration with natural elements collected and crafted by yourself.

If you choose not to cultivate a garden, bet on flowers for natural decoration . The dried, velvet or wheat arrangements are perfect! In addition, branches picked and spread in a basket also make up the environment in a unique way.

Invest in natural lighting

As its name suggests, this type of decoration values ​​and exalts everything that is natural to the house. Following this same issue, the lighting of the environment could not be different.

In this case, the natural decoration environments are mostly in neutral and cold colors, such as off-white and nude, which favors the incidence of light. The other highlights will be the green, yellow and earthy tones.

Take advantage of windows and doors to let as much natural light into the room as possible. The curtain in lighter tones is perfect for reinforcing the rustic elements that will compose the environment.

In a discreet way, you can also use lamps in the bedrooms or in a reading corner in the living room, for example. Candle holders are also very welcome when creating the perfect composition.

Total attention to detail in natural decor

After choosing the furniture and wall tones, it’s time to choose the details that will compose your environment. Among the decorating ideas are traditional natural fiber baskets, linen pillow covers and highly comfortable rugs.

To make your home cozier, also invest in candles , picture frames, small sculptures and decorative items of high personal value, such as family heirlooms. For the coldest days, the natural wool blankets will also warm the room with a lot of charm and elegance.

In the kitchen, for example, take this style to utilities such as snacks, placemats and wooden placemats. They will offer a light and welcoming look to your set table, without moving away from the primary proposal of natural decoration.

The great thing about natural decor is that this style is perfect for applying throughout the home. Make the rooms cozier, the balconies and gourmet balconies full of little plants, invest in earthy tones for the living rooms and much more. The decorative possibilities are endless!

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