How to decorate a garden: 10 tips to inspire you

Knowing how to decorate a garden is of great use so that your green corner makes your home even more cozy and inviting. With the mixture of species, you make the environment super happy and with a very special touch that reflects your personality.

To help you with that, We separated ten garden decoration tips that will make your home even more incredible. So, check it out below and start putting all these ideas into practice right now!

search for inspirations

It doesn’t matter the size of your little green corner: having an inspiration or a main theme is the first step in thinking about how to decorate a small or large garden . When we enter a well-planned space, we immediately feel transported to a new atmosphere!


With this theme, you can reproduce part of the joy and liveliness of forests in places where the sun is present most of the time, with lush  foliage and plants .


A French garden brings all the delicacy of flowers and species of unique tones, inspired by classic designs, with geometric and well-balanced shapes. It also explores flowers with different colors and scents.


It seeks to bring peace and tranquility to the environment through a harmonious relationship between plants and decorative objects, which give a unique and very special touch from countries like China, Japan, Thailand and much more!


This option is great for anyone looking for ideas on how to decorate a garden with cactus, stones and succulents. Here, earthy tones are very welcome too. This is a garden decoration idea for those who live in a house where there is not much incidence of light, since these species tend to require less sun and watering.

Match with your home decor

A good idea for anyone looking for how to decorate a garden is to look at the furniture and objects inside the house. Get inspired by items from your own home, such as pictures, rugs and other decorations. Thus, you will know how to transform your garden into a cozy space with your personal touch!

Entrances and portals

If you have a lot of space, a simple garden decoration idea , but that makes a lot of difference in the look, are the entrances to the environment. A boundary, such as an archway or a small gate, will add even more magic to your garden!

Decorative objects

Don’t think that only plants are enough to create a cozy atmosphere. If you are looking for ideas to decorate the garden in a simple and creative way, decorative objects are essential.

Elements such as small statues, fountains and ceramics bring a touch of personality and irresistible sophistication. Remember to look for items that dialogue with your plants and fit your preference!

Decor is everything!

When it comes to how to decorate a garden and many other environments, remember: lighting is everything! Even for the decoration of a simple garden, it is possible to think of special lighting. Play with lights of different colors, placements and intensities. The important thing is to create an elegant environment full of personality!

Furniture is welcome

A good piece of furniture can greatly improve the decoration of a garden. And that goes even for small and cheap gardens! You can choose what fits in your space and your pocket: an armchair, a table or even a small shelf. These items demonstrate that the garden is a planned room, and not a simple external area.

Mix plants in pots and planted in the ground

If you want to explore the maximum of the decoration using plants, the ideal is to mix elements! Flowers planted next to potted plants create a versatile environment. In addition, they convey the feeling that each item was carefully thought out. Take the opportunity to explore the textures and colors of different vases!

Aromatic elements

Learning how to decorate a large or even a small garden gives us the chance to play with many of our senses. And, of course, smell cannot be left out! After all, some plant species are known for their delicate aroma. Other elements, such as incense and fountains, also awaken our senses!

Consider ambient sound

Sound is a great ally for those who want to create an environment with a complete atmosphere. And when we talk about how to decorate a garden, this element can be associated with a decorative object.

Fountains usually perform a peaceful symphony, which transports us to a peaceful space. Some accessories that move with the wind can also help complete your space.

Unconventional elements

If you are looking for an authentic and creative garden decoration, you should consider unconventional elements. Objects like old wooden boxes, retired bicycles or even plastic bottles can make great vases. That way, there is how to decorate a small, simple and cheap garden using creativity and good taste!

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