How to decorate potted plants? Check out some unmissable tips!

The green ones are beautiful and naturally make the place more pleasant. However, if you want to go even further, you need to know how to decorate potted plants .

After all, even choosing the right species, leaving the plastic vase on display may not be the best option, right? It may even be sturdy, useful and adequate, but it hardly fits the decor . Therefore, it is important to learn how to decorate potted plants.

Best of all, there are several alternatives to beautify your green corner. So, what do you think about checking out some simple tips to further enhance your home decor? Keep reading this article and check out our ideas!

Innovating the decoration

As beautiful as your greens are, it’s always interesting to think about decorating potted plants if you want to make your home more cheerful and colorful. You can use a number of common materials and simple techniques to do this. Check out some below.


If you want to know how to decorate potted plants with the help of artistic techniques, know that patina is a good option. This style of painting has been used a lot on the walls of houses and can be done with spray paint. See how practical it is? If in doubt, follow the steps below.

  • Wash the vase well to remove any dust;
  • Dry it completely;
  • Apply a thin coat of solvent-based spray paint to the entire vase;
  • Wait for it to dry and repeat this process two more times;
  • The third time, apply spray paint to a part of the vase from a distance, then wipe with a dishwashing sponge. This will give the patina look.

Did you see how decorating potted plants with paint can be simple? Although there is no rule, one tip is to use a lighter color on the base and a dark one on top. This makes your job easier.

How to decorate potted plants with sisal

Do you know how to decorate plant pots using sisal rope? This is an incredible way to beautify the vase spending little and having a quick result. The most interesting thing is that, even though it is a more rustic way of working, the result is very elegant.

Decorating a vase with sisal fits both styles that focus on wooden details and those considered more modern. What do you think about trying? Follow the steps and enjoy!

  • If the vase has a curved upper edge, remove it with the aid of a serrated kitchen knife;
  • Pass a cloth to remove any dust from the vase;
  • With hot glue, attach the sisal rope you have at home. The tip is to start with the lower region of the vase;
  • Keep winding the rope until you reach the top. Anyway, correct any imperfection that was left at the time of the initial cut.

How to decorate potted plants with electrical tape

Electrical tape is a great choice of material to decorate a vase . It is used to create various details and designs on the container. Follow the steps below to make your little green corner even more beautiful;

  • The first step is to choose a spray paint in your favorite color (light shades usually work best);
  • Subsequently, paint the vase in three layers or until it is perfect;
  • Next, use the electrical tape to cut out geometric figures and paste them around the vase. You can also cut strips and leave the container striped.

Other tips for decorating potted plants at home

By this time, you already know very well how to decorate potted plants. However, if none of the above options are to your liking, you can get creative and create your own decor with the help of other materials. See some additional ideas below.

  • Crochet or knit a scarf using thick, colored wool;
  • Paint the vases freehand;
  • Cover the vase with adhesive paper;
  • Decorate the vase with wool, using the same technique as for the sisal rope;
  • Cover the vase with a cloth you have at home (use hot glue for this);
  • Sew a cloth bag, the height of the vase, and pack it (don’t forget to leave an opening at the bottom for the water to drain);
  • Paint a burlap bag and use it around the vase. This is an interesting option for when the plant is already accommodated and, even so, you want to have a decorated garden ;
  • Paint the container white and stick fun stickers around it.

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