How to decorate the house? First steps for beginners

If this is your first time living alone, it is natural that questions arise about how to decorate the house . From defining a style to choosing furniture, going through decorative objects, selecting colors and combinations, the process can be a little complicated for beginners.
Since most people are taking their first steps in decorating small, individual environments, such as their parents’ bedroom, it’s difficult to think on a larger scale. Even if you are planning how to decorate a small house , check out some tips to start this process!

1 – Discover your style

This tip is good when planning how to decorate the house, but it’s worth remembering: you don’t have to stick to just one style. On the contrary, your home can mix different styles and references, that’s what will make it unique and with your little face!

To discover your style, look for references in magazines, social networks, movies, series and even music videos. Create a folder on Pinterest organizing all these references and try to understand what elements they have in common.

If you love flowery wallpaper , for example, your style might be more romantic. If you always like wooden furniture with wooden furniture and retro references, maybe the mid-century modern is your thing.

Once you’ve gathered a lot of photos and selected the elements you like the most, you’ll know how to look for items and colors that inspire you. From there, just think about how to decorate the house taking into account your space and budget.

2 – Plan a color palette

There are a few ways to plan a room’s decor. One would be to choose furniture and decorative items from the wall colors. Another way would be to think of the decoration around an item, such as a sofa or a wall of shelves .

If you love a specific color and really want to insert it into a space, look for shades that match to create this palette. Then select furniture, home rugs , decor items, curtains and other elements that speak to this starting color.

3 – Think style and functionality

When we think of design, many people associate it with just the beauty or style of a space or item. However, design also involves functionality, especially when we talk about our homes. After all, in addition to being beautiful, your home needs to be comfortable, practical and welcoming.

4 – Little space? Use the walls!

Apartments are getting smaller and smaller, right? This complicates when we think about how to decorate the house. However, you don’t have to compromise on style and functionality when decorating a small space. For this, use and abuse the walls!

When thinking about how to decorate a small entrance hall , include shelves and hooks to place your bag and other necessary objects when you leave. That way, the floor remains clear, but the items you need are always close at hand.

In the same way, include shelves or tall cabinets in the kitchen, bedroom and living room, which will facilitate the organization of your daily life and still leave free movement. Shelves are great for styling spaces with books, decor, pictures, and indoor plants .

Potted plants are very charming on top of shelves and still bring a little nature into the house. Natural elements are perfect to make your home more cheerful on a daily basis.

5 – Take it easy!

It’s normal to feel anxious and try to decorate the whole house at once. However, do not forget that the decorating process can take a long time. After all, the plans you have for your home can change little by little, according to your experience in the environment.

Also, we don’t always have the money to make all the changes we want at once. So, don’t worry: do it in your time, plan calmly, research and look for the best solutions for you.

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