How to organize small spaces with decorative niches?

Keeping organized in a limited area can be challenging, especially for those who live in small apartments. However, there are some strategies to optimize the space and make it tidy. Decorative niches , for example, are a solution to complement the decor and keep everything organized.

Although there are niches made of materials such as marble, granite and porcelain, they are often produced in MDF and available in various formats, usually square or rectangular. Best of all, you can place them in different areas of your home, such as the bedroom, living room, kitchen, and even the bathroom.

But what exactly are niches and how to use them in decoration to organize all the rooms in the house? Next, we’ll show you how to insert them into the decor and the best ways to arrange your items in small spaces . Continue reading to find out more!

What are decorative niches?

Niches are box-shaped shelves made to organize books, collections, electronics and other decorative items. In this way, they are a great option to keep the home organized and decorated without worrying about the small space.

There are open and closed niche models available in the market. Closed niches are ideal for hiding objects, such as documents or electronics wires, especially in offices.

The open ones can be used for decoration, as partitions in integrated areas, kitchen, service area, office, bedrooms and even bathrooms, to store perfumes and creams. In the toilet and bathroom, for example, they can be used to store toilet paper, towels and soap. As they are versatile, it is possible to make several compositions.

What are worth for?

The purpose of the niches is to accommodate objects of daily use and decorative pieces appropriate for the environment. There are several niche styles available for purchase at furniture stores, utility stores, and even online .

Remember: the depth of the niches varies from 10 to 30 cm, so pay attention to the amount of objects that will be stored in order to avoid overloading them. Niches are not like bookshelves, which have support for heavy objects. Therefore, care must be taken with the weight of objects.

Choosing the right niche depends on your needs. Therefore, before buying a niche, think about what will be stored in it and what its purpose will be: is it only for decorative purposes or for storing everyday objects? Where will it be installed? By answering questions like these, it will be easier to choose the ideal niche for the small environment. Check out some examples below to help you plan your environments.

Niches for bedroom

Niches can be used in different ways, such as on the bedside table, on the desk, shelf, shoe rack, or even as a different detail built into the wardrobe .

In addition to helping with organization, they also give a modern touch to the room. It is possible to combine niches with wallpaper, LED lights and even mirrors. Use them to store perfumes, makeup, books and other personal items.

Niches for living room

If you want to make your living room more organized and modern, niches are elements that can help. Just like in the bedroom, you can use them with LED lights, wallpaper and mirrors to create a more spacious and tidy environment. Another practical and functional option is to position them close to the TV cabinet or integrate them into it.

Bathroom niches

Niches are also perfect for the bathroom. These pieces leave the space highly functional, as they are very useful for storing hygiene items. You can also use them around the mirror or the toilet, built into the countertop or inside the shower – in this case, creating a hole in the wall and lining it with porcelain, tiles or inserts.

Niches for kitchen

Niches are great additions to the kitchen. They offer storage space for appliances, spices, condiments, and even frequently used dinnerware items. You can place them on the wall or inside the cabinets, next to the sink.

Glass doors are a novelty in decorative niches for the kitchen, keeping the area clean and elegant, while protecting your objects from dust. The size of the alcove is also important: if it is large enough, you can add internal shelves to achieve an even greater level of organization.

Compositions of decorative niches

Allocations of niches can help adapt them to the little space you have available. Get to know the main compositions of decorative niches to position them in a functional way. 

1. Aligned

The regular composition of niches is known to provide order, balance and seriousness. It is ideal for work environments or environments that need organization, such as children’s rooms or offices.

You can apply this layout both vertically and horizontally, just take into account the characteristics of the room in question. When positioned side by side with no gaps, they form a classic shelf, perfect for storing books and decorative items.

2. Irregular

Compared to the arrangement mentioned in the previous item, this second option conveys a more relaxed and playful atmosphere. It is ideal for environments that need lightness and authenticity, such as bedrooms and living rooms. It is a perfect choice for storing children’s toys or souvenirs .

3. Diagonal

As it requires more space both horizontally and vertically, this third niche layout option requires a larger wall. You can vary the spacing between the pieces and the formats of the niches to give it a personal touch and adapt it to different types of environments.

4. Alternate

Combining in-line and misaligned arrangements into one, this fourth option is quite versatile. All you have to do is take into account the shapes of the pieces and the characteristics of the environment that will receive the shelves.

5. box

This fifth option, known as box composition, is perfect for helping to organize a room, bringing coziness and order by increasing storage in the small apartment and allowing the addition of decorative pieces.

You can adapt the number of columns and rows, as well as the spacing between niches, it all depends on the available space and your creativity.

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