Learn how to put together a stylish headboard decoration

The bedroom, whether double or single, is certainly one of the most important places in the house. That’s where you rest after a busy day and recharge your energy for new challenges. Therefore, headboard decoration plays a key role in the decor as a whole.

In the past, the headboard was attached to the bed, making large variations in the decor of the environment unfeasible. With the appearance of the box spring bed, a new and important function became more present: in addition to protecting the bed from contact with the wall, it also elevates the personality of the room with an extra touch of style.

When choosing the ideal model for the room, it is essential that you take into account some factors, such as comfort, practicality, functionality and, of course, the decorative style. Discover them all by reading our complete guide to the perfect headboard decor.

Understand your favorite style for headboard decoration

When thinking about revamping your bedroom and need to update the headboard decoration, first assess what is the predominant decorative style of the space. Also consider the size of the room, where the bed is positioned and how much space you intend to dedicate to this decorative piece.

There are different types of headboards on the market . They are, in turn, manufactured in different shapes, sizes and materials. Keeping your favorite decor style in mind will make the purchase easier and you will be more satisfied with the final result.

If you prefer a more elegant style, options in noble fabrics are the best. If you like something more rustic, the wooden headboard is perfect for you. Now, if you want something more sober and minimalist, the light colors and upholstered materials will give you the charm you want.

There are also options in iron or adhesive directly on the wall. In the latter case, just measure the space and assemble the headboard in a practical way. Finally, they are all beautiful, practical and ideal for you to immerse yourself in a vast world of decorative possibilities and a lot of creativity.

Match the colors of the environment

When thinking about your bedroom decor and combining your headboard in a simple and practical way, opt for an accurate combination between the various visually pleasing colors. This will make your resting place always elegant, charming and, at the same time, welcoming.

A simple tip is to opt for a completely monochromatic headboard decoration. In this situation, the wall color should match the tone of the headboard and, if possible, the bedding as well. White, beige, gray and other pastel shades are most welcome.

If you want a more stripped-down headboard decoration for a double bedroom , the color block trend is a sure-fire option. In this style, you can combine vibrant and harmonic colors with each other (use the chromatic circle for inspiration). A modern patterned wallpaper will also bring extra charm to the room.

If you like the combination of colors, but prefer a more rustic, industrial or even boho chic style, invest in earthy tones for decoration . You can spice up the room with natural fibers, prints and a comforter in the same palette.

Explore your headboard decor

After defining the first steps of your headboard decoration, plan your assembly. It can be ordered, made in a DIY style, or purchased just the way you want to use it in your bedroom. If you opt for a DIY project, consider reusing materials or purchasing specific items for the project.

Once you’ve also defined the decorative style, the colors of the room and the model of your headboard, it’s time to actually start assembling the decoration completely. It is at this moment that, in addition to worrying about the colors and the wall, you can also think about the other elements.

When choosing the items that will be placed on the wall, opt for paintings that match the decor and your personality. Photos, clippings, illustrations, stickers and other designs will complement your idea in a sophisticated way.

Add a side table to the space and add objects there that will make your routine easier, such as lamps and lamps, and also others that give the necessary welcoming touch to the environment, such as candles, small sculptures and a picture frame.

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