Learn to decorate garden with stones and plants

Hard to find someone who doesn’t like the garden. Contact with nature usually brings peace and tranquility, feelings necessary for the well-being of any person. When it comes to a garden with stones and plants , the pleasure of being in it is even greater.

Therefore, if you have such a space at home, even if it is in a corner on the porch, it is worth understanding a little about garden decoration with stones. It’s a very simple idea, but it makes all the difference to the aesthetics of the place. Check out.

How to plan your garden decor

Firstly, it is very important to do the planning, observing the available space. This is the time for you to decide the arrangement of vases and other decorative objects, for example. Below, see what needs to be taken into account when planning a garden with stones and plants.

Analyze the size

To perform this task, you need to know the size of the outdoor or indoor garden that will be decorated. This information will serve to define the amount of heart objects, stones and plants.

choose the items

Use your imagination, visualizing how you want the garden and what decorative objects you want to use. Make a list of everything you plan to have in the space so you know what you need to buy and what you can use. This is a tip on how to decorate a garden on a budget .

Plan the arrangement of items

Draw the layout of the elements on paper. You will be producing a guide to help you when you have your hand in the dough. Otherwise, starting from scratch can make the job difficult.

Evaluate the combination of items

The objective of this phase is to leave the harmonious environment. For this, choose the stones that match the lawn, thinking about the color, shape and size. Everything needs to be thought of when learning how to decorate a garden with stones and plants .

Step by step: decorate the garden with stones and plants

Now that you already have a sketch of how the garden with stones and plants will look, it’s time to make it real. You will see how your garden, which was already beautiful, will become even more alive! Shall we go step by step?

1 – Prepare the ground

The first step to setting up a beautiful garden is to remove old plants and make the space flat. If your garden is outdoors, the grass trimmer can be a great partner for getting the ground ready. The shovel and scissors are essential tools to use both indoors and outdoors.

2 – Choose the plants

The right types of plants are directly linked to the climate of the place where the garden is located and the space available. After all, there are species that need a wide area to develop. On the other hand, plants that adapt well to small spaces are ideal for indoor gardens.

3 – Make a layer of sand

A layer of sand on the ground will help the stones to stick better and give a longer time between one maintenance and another. Sand can be found in houses that specialize in gardening or construction material.

4 – Use color combinations

This is the most fun part because it depends on your freedom to create! Take advantage of the different colors of stones to make circular shapes around the garden. Another suggestion is to make a garden with river stones and set up a path with them.

5 – Do the maintenance

Watch how the stones will “behave” for some time. If it rains, it is possible that some will sink into the sand. In that case, the best thing to do is add more stones to fill the gaps.

Living space in outdoor gardens

The privilege of having an external garden needs to be taken advantage of, right? So now that you know how to make a garden with stones and plants , you also need to think about complementing the decor with benches, chairs and tables.

The goal is to make the environment even more inviting, with objects that bring comfort and beauty. Candles, pillows and scents are great options to make your garden more welcoming.

Thus, all your efforts will be rewarded with happy moments lived in this place that you decorated yourself. The best part is, you don’t need much to bring that joy into your home.

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