Plants to have in the bedroom: check out some to decorate the room and improve air quality

Plants work as a good artifice for decoration, transforming environments into more elegant places. In addition, some of them can significantly improve air quality. However, do you know plants to have in the bedroom ?

With that in mind, we have separated a list of plants to have in the bedroom that can scent the place, in addition to bringing benefits to sleep and air, such as purification. So check out the list below.

Saint George’s Sword

There are many reasons to put Saint George’s sword at the top of the list of plants to have in the bedroom. First, it’s kind of easy going. As the bedroom is usually not a space that receives direct sunlight, the Sword-of-Saint-George fits perfectly there.

Another positive point is that, according to popular belief, this little plant protects against negative energies, that is, it guarantees a more peaceful sleep for the owners of the room. To have this plant, just look for a space with indirect lighting. Watering should not be too frequent – once every ten days is enough.


As another option among plants to have in the bedroom, lavender adds a touch of sophistication to any environment thanks to its delicate appearance and sweet scent. Also called lavender, this plant is very common in Mediterranean countries.

Thanks to its beauty and aroma, the herb has conquered the world. In addition to being delicious, the characteristic smell of lavender has calming effects. Thus, this is a great option among plants to have in the bedroom.

Despite being a more delicate plant , it is also possible to grow lavender in pots and indoors. To do this, simply choose a well-lit location that receives at least six hours of direct sunlight a day.

Lavender also likes drier places, so watering should occur on average every five days. To know if it’s time to put water, just observe if the soil is too dry.


If you are looking for colorful and graceful plant options to have in the bedroom, the gerbera may please you! The range of colors, ranging from white to purple, also features warmer color tones. The shape resembles a sunflower.

Gerbera is an option that requires less care when compared to other plants to have in the bedroom , as the structure is highly resistant. In addition, the plant adapts well to environments with a warmer climate and different types of soil.

Despite the plant’s resistance, growers need to pay attention to some points that the plant requires to remain healthy and elegant. Keeping it in a properly drained soil and with organic matter can help with longevity. Also, it’s important to keep the soil moist, but not soggy.

Aloe vera

Also known as aloe vera, aloe vera is one of the most beloved plant species thanks to its numerous therapeutic benefits. This millennial plant has thick, firm leaves filled with a hydrating gel, rich in vitamins.

However, it is not just the inner part of the aloe vera that is beneficial. According to the United States space agency, NASA, aloe vera is among the plants that produce the most oxygen. Therefore, it is recommended among the plants to have in the bedroom.

So having this plant around is always a great idea. Despite being considered an easy-to-care plant, aloe needs a lot of sunlight. As it has a large water reservoir, watering should be more rare. Given water once a week, the aloe vera will grow happily.


Ivy is an option that adds a touch of charm to any room. This species is known for its small, stylish leaves, which fall elegantly into the vase.

In addition to decorating the environment with elegance, ivy can bring benefits to sleep. That’s because, according to research published by NASA, like aloe, she is one of the champions in oxygen production.

The ivy adapts to different environments, doing well both in sunny places and in those with indirect light, which makes it a great choice among plants to have in the bedroom. The ideal is to water it every five days, whenever the soil is dry.

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