Types of TV panels that will renovate your living room

The TV panel is multifunctional and can change the look of your room. Check out templates.

There’s nothing better than binge-watching your favorite series or watching a movie in a nice room. Even if the TV is the centerpiece of your living room, everything around it is equally important to your home design. Therefore, a TV panel can make all the difference in the look of the environment, in addition to bringing practicality and functionality.

For a harmonious space that induces well-being, it is recommended that the elements talk to each other, creating a visual and welcoming unit. The TV panel in your living room is therefore an item that deserves attention when choosing. Next, see the types of TV panels to decorate your living room with style.

What are the benefits of a TV panel?

Choosing a TV panel has several advantages. One of them is versatility, as the piece fits in the most diverse environments. Another benefit is that the traditional model helps to optimize space , since the furniture does not occupy the floor area, which guarantees an additional surface that you can use as you wish.

In addition, the panel hides the wires related to the installation of the TV, due to the cables being positioned at the back and out of the field of vision.

What’s the best stuff?

There are several materials that can be found in the manufacture of TV panels. Among the main ones we can point out MDF and MDP.

Speaking in terms of greater resistance, MDP is the most recommended, as you can assemble and disassemble them without major damage to the piece.  Therefore, this material guarantees a better finish and, if you are looking for models with a different design, this option may be ideal.

TV panel models

The TV panel is a multifunctional piece of furniture and represents an excellent solution for decorating, especially in small spaces. For example, in smaller rooms, such as a single bedroom, you can use a suspended TV panel to free up space for additional furniture or objects.

When choosing a TV panel, the main selection criterion is size. Dimensions will vary depending on your TV, but ideally there should be at least 15 cm of excess space around the screen. There are several types of panels for all tastes and decorative styles. Meet some of the top models.

1. Panel with rack

This is one of the most traditional and practical models for your living room, as the furniture has an attached rack.

If you buy the panel with a rack, you won’t have to worry about finding matching furniture, as the pieces come together. In addition, with the presence of space to add decorative items, it is easier to compose the environment with accessories, organize the room and keep it with your face.

2. Suspended panel

Are you looking for a small TV panel? Then the suspended model is exactly what you want. It does not interfere with the circulation area and still provides enough divisions to store whatever you need or decorate with objectives, as it usually has shelves or niches attached. Looks great in a small living room.

3. Rustic panel

If you like a decoration full of personality, the rustic style is a good choice for your environment. In the living room, the TV panel can be a component that radiates this essence, with bold woods, robust contours and thick lines that create an authentic look. As an elegant way to bring nature into your home, wood can provide a cozy country home atmosphere . 

4. Panel with shelves and niches

Another option is TV panels that have shelves and niches. These models help to organize the house in a practical and functional way. You can elaborate the decoration however you like, adding potted plants, sculptures and other objects that you like.

5. Panel with shelf

If your living room is spacious, a TV panel with a shelf will be the highlight. With storage spaces, shelves and robust construction, this piece of furniture leaves the room integrated without giving so much prominence to the TV itself. There’s room to let your imagination run wild: display your favorite books, family photo frames, plants and anything else the area allows. It is important to be careful not to overdo it and overwhelm the look.

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